Assistant Director of Legal Services

Work Type
Directors and Program Managers

Position Number

$81,143.72 - $104,881.48

Closing Date
November 9, 2020
Posted October 29, 2020

Agency Name
Cumberland County DSS

Work County

Job Contact
If there are specific questions regarding this posting, you may contact DSS Human Resources @ (910) 677-2580

Job Location
1225 Ramsey Street
North Carolina
Job Description

This position is in the Legal Section. PRIMARY PURPOSE OF POSITION: The primary purpose of the Legal Section is to provide any and all legal services required to assist the Cumberland County Department of Social Services in fulfilling its mission, vision, and goals. The primary purpose of this position is the management of the Legal Section to assure quality legal counsel and representation, which includes representation of the agency in Court and Court-related matters. This position is responsible for developing the strengths of the attorneys and paralegals. This attorney is responsible for developing procedures to efficiently and effectively handle the heavy workload of the legal staff. This attorney coordinates with other agencies, boards, and court administration and serves on task forces, boards, and committees when legal issues are involved. The Assistant Director of Legal Services/Attorney II is responsible for the direct supervision of the Attorney I's, a paralegal, and the Administrative Assistant I. Federal and state legislative changes affect the practice of law within the agency. This attorney may be requested to assist the county attorney in litigation issues that involve the agency. DUTIES: The primary duties of the Assistant Director of Legal Services/Attorney II are responsibility for the Administrative/Management functions of the Legal Section. This attorney will meet on a regular basis with the Management Team, as well as consult with the Director to evaluate the services provided by the Legal Section and the need of the section in serving the agency. In addition, the Assistant Director of Legal Services/Attorney II will consult with Court Personnel to ensure the agency's representation at all times meets the expectations of the Court. This attorney will guide and mentor the Attorney I's as needed in providing legal services to all areas of the agency with the primary emphasis on Children's and Adult Services. This attorney will be responsible for providing legal assistance, legal support, and legal guidance to all non-court programs, to include Adult Preventive Services, Adult Medicaid, Adult Group Care, in-Home Services, Transportation, Economic Services, Day Care, Integrity, and Family Violence Domestic Care. Advises, consults, and supports all other agency programs. Provides legal support for Children's Services areas such as adoption, interstate placement, compliance with foreign court orders, illegal aliens, child Medicaid, and other matters not presently before the Court. This attorney is competent to handle all aspects of Children's Services including Juvenile Court trial practice. This attorney is familiar with the federal and state statutes, federal and state regulations, state manuals, agency procedures and practices and controlling case law. This attorney is knowledgeable about the legal aspects of agency compliance with the Family and Medical Leave Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the discrimination laws, unlawful workplace harassment, and other personnel laws. This attorney meets with the agency staff as requested to discuss areas of the law. This Assistant Director of Legal Services/Attorney II must be well-versed in the legal concerns of confidentiality; advice and release of information, records, and documentation have to be based on the special statutes, regulations, manuals, procedures, and agency practice of each individual program. This attorney is responsible for researching and providing legal support for mandated areas for which no state adopted procedures exists, such as the agency responsibility for HIPAA Privacy and Security. Assistance is provided in the development of policies and/or procedures within the statutory authority. Memoranda of law are written as required. Legal briefs based on current research are prepared to present to the Court. This Assistant Director of Legal Services/Attorney II interprets and/or explains positions taken by the Department of Social Services to the Superior Court judges, the District Court judges, the Clerk of Court, and other attorneys. The Assistant Director of Legal Services/Attorney II represents the agency at state and local meetings and serves on state task forces, boards, and committees. MINIMUM EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: Graduation from an accredited school of law; relevant areas of study include Juvenile Law, Government Law, Criminal Law, Trial Advocacy, Family Law, Administrative Law, and Evidence. At least three years of experience that includes trial experience. A valid North Carolina driver's license is required. NECESSARY SPECIAL QUALIFICATION: License to practice law and admission to the Bar in the State of North Carolina is required. Required Continuing Education must be completely annually in order to maintain the law license. ADDITIONAL TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE: Litigation experience in district court. Knowledge of the rules of evidence, as applied to Juvenile Court; must be thoroughly understood and complied with. EXPERIENCE PREFERRED: At least five years of experience as an attorney practicing in Adult Services to include guardianship matters and in Children's Services to include Juvenile Court litigation and representation in the N. C. Court of Appeals and N. C. Supreme Court. Administrative, management, and supervision experience will further qualify the applicant for this position. Salary will be determined by applicant's qualifying education and experience. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: The knowledge, skill, and abilities necessary to competently perform at the level of this position requires considerable experience. A basic knowledge of law, legal process and minimal trial experience is insufficient to adequately provide legal representation to the agency. This position requires specialized knowledge of Social Services law as well as many other areas of law, including Estates, Trusts, Property, Administrative, Health Care, Social Security, Contract, Elder, and Constitutional. A basic understanding of medical terminology and concepts is needed. The attorney must be skilled at trial work. The attorney must be able to work as a member of a team. This attorney must be able to communicate clearly and succinctly.
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