Child Support Enforcement Agent II

Work Type
Child Support Enforcement

Closing Date
September 7, 2020
Posted September 3, 2020

Agency Name
Carteret County DSS

Work County

Job Location
210 Craven Street
North Carolina
Job Description

Responsible for the initiation, preparation and organization, and enforcement of child support orders in a Child Support Enforcement program (IV-D). Work requires considerable knowledge of all areas of the Child Support Enforcement Program, thorough knowledge of applicable legal procedures, and knowledge of investigating cases. Thorough knowledge of the Child Support Enforcement Program and applicable legal procedures; considerable ability to interview clients, absent parents and related sources, and to investigate cases; considerable ability to organize, analyze, and summarize case information; basic math skills; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with clients and absent parents, location resources, offices of the Clerk of Court, Magistrates, District Attorney, Sheriff, other court officials, and private attorneys.  An agent investigates and prepares cases for the attorney and tracks witnesses and determines their credibility, assists the attorney in the courtroom in presenting the case and reviewing evidence, negotiates agreement with the absent parent, and testifies in court as required.  In monitoring court-ordered payments, agents determine what action should be taken when the absent parent is in arrears and assists with wage garnishments. Work is performed under the general authority of the Director of Consolidated Human Services with daily and direct supervision from the Child Support Enforcement Unit Supervisor.  Employees are evaluated by review of records and reports, in conferences, successful completion of required trainings, as well as performance observation.
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