Human Services Coordinator III

Work Type
Family and Children’s Services

Closing Date
June 30, 2022
Posted May 27, 2022

Agency Name
Alamance County Social Services

Work County

Job Location
319 N. Graham-Hopedale Road
North Carolina
Job Description

Job Purpose This is a professional partial supervisory/coordinative work involving responsibility for coordinating ongoing analysis of the foster care and adoption programs as well as providing direct social work/counseling services to clients. The position provides some administrative and technical supervision to social workers while maintaining direct client contact through overseeing child and family team meeting facilitations. Responsibilities Foster Care:
  • Conducts initial and ongoing assessments of the foster care system in Alamance County analyzing how and why (precipitating factors) children come into foster care; why children stay in foster care, i.e. the reasons, length of time and the characteristics of the children in care; how children leave foster care, i.e. the reasons, factors and characteristics of the children (sex, race, age, educational status, health, emotional status, IQ, abilities, disabilities, geographic locations and other demographic data); the length of time children are in foster care and cross-reference it to reason they are in foster care; the foster children's placement record with regard to multiple placements and correlate with other placement factors
  • Analyzes foster children's placement record with regard to multiple case managers and cross-reference it to length of time in foster care and other demographic factors.
  Child and Family Team Facilitation:
  • Facilitates child and family team meetings for all areas of child welfare including investigations/assessments, in home services, permanency planning and adoptive services.
  • Prepares invitation letters and the meeting site, and documenting the meeting per policy.
  • Prepares statistical information relating to the number of children in the caseloads and what is happening to them and provide this information in a clear and understandable manner using such things as, but not limited to, reports, charts, graphs, etc.
 Adoption Services:
  • Conducts initial and ongoing assessments of the adoption system in Alamance County analyzing how and why (precipitating factors) children come into adoptive care; why children stay in foster care awaiting adoptive placement.
  • Tracks Termination of Parental Rights (TPR) referrals; when referrals are made, the referral process, obstacles to filing TPRs, and the length of the court process for TPRs, etc.; the TPR process with record to cost, attorney involvement, court involvement, staff time, characteristics of the adoptive child and the adoptive home finding process.
  • Analyzes how children who are available for adoption are adopted, i.e., characteristics of the children such as sex, race, age, abilities, geographic location and other demographic factors; and the length of time in adoptive care before the final order of adoption is issued.
 Policy and Procedure:
  • Maintains ongoing knowledge of federal laws and regulations, state statutes, and trends and innovations in practice related to child welfare services.
  • Advises management of needed changes in state laws, rules and/or policy to comply with federal requires and to improve practice.
  • Initiates, establishes, organizes and participates in information-sharing opportunities among various individuals and agencies concerned with strengthening services to families and protection to children.
MINIMUM EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS: Master's degree in a human services field such as social work, counseling, psychology, special education, deaf education, or rehabilitation counseling or related curriculum and one year of experience in social work or counseling, preferable with the client population; or a bachelor’s degree in one of the above fields and two years of social work or counseling experience; or graduation from a four-year college or university and four years of experience in counseling or a related human services field providing experience in the techniques of casework, group work, or community organization; or an equivalent combination of training and experience. NECESSARY SPECIAL QUALIFICATIONS: Valid driver's license with driving record evaluation suitable for driving county owned vehicles.
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