IM Caseworker III

Work Type
Economic Services


Closing Date
November 13, 2019
Posted October 31, 2019

Agency Name
Buncombe County

Work County

Job Location
40 Coxe Avenue
North Carolina
Job Description

The primary purpose of this position is to ensure all eligible individuals receive timely public assistance benefits that allow clients to meet their medical and financial needs in Long Term Care by determining the eligibility of Buncombe County residents applying for public assistance across multiple Income Maintenance programs.

Essential Functions of the position:

  • Determine client eligibility for Long Term Care and associated household benefits accurately and within Federal and State mandated time frames.
  • Gather and interpret data obtained through interview process with customer and/or third party verification.
  • Provide information to clients/applicants regarding programs, services, eligibility requirements and outcomes.

Minimum Education, Training and/or Experience: Two years of experience as an Income Maintenance Caseworker; or an equivalent combination of training and experience.

Special Skills: English/Spanish bi-lingual speakers preferred.

Duties, Responsibilities, and Other Functions:

  • Plan and organize ongoing caseloads to ensure timely and accurate determination of eligibility.
  • Review client applications, verifying the information obtained and determine eligibility.
  • Document findings and maintain up to date records of all cases.
  • Complete client re-certification for eligibility for continued participation in the program as mandated by policy.
  • Explain public assistance program requirements and options to client/applicant.
  • Refer client/applicant to other program services as appropriate.
  • Acquire and maintain knowledge of Health and Human Services in order to serve customers within an integrated model.
  • Adhere to all program mandates and stay current with program policy.
  • Identify cases for investigation of potential fraud and submit appropriate fraud referral documentation.
  • Monitor continual compliance with all program requirements and close the case when the client is no longer eligible.
  • Assist in local and state hearings process as necessary.
  • Perform special projects associated with agency priorities as needed.
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