IM Investigator II (Program Integrity Investigator)

Work Type
Directors and Program Managers


Closing Date
Open Until Filled
Posted July 20, 2022

Agency Name
Vance Co DSS

Work County

Job Location
500 N. Beckford Drive
North Carolina
Job Description

Job Description/Duties: Employees in this class are responsible for working with considerable independence in investigating fraud or alleged fraud cases in the income maintenance program of a County Department of Social Services. Work at this level requires reviewing clients' case files and making decisions as to the appropriate action to take in resolving the case. Employees determine if errors exist and, if so, the cause of the errors. Employees initially evaluate case referrals to determine if the referral is valid and whether a more in-depth review is required. Where the cause of the error indicates potential client fraud, the worker is responsible for investigating the case and determining the appropriate course of action required to resolve the case. Work also involves working with clients to settle cases out of court, representing the agency in negotiating out of court settlements, and developing and working with the prosecutor in presenting the case in court. Performs other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities: Thorough knowledge of manuals, rules, and procedures used in determining eligibility. Thorough knowledge of investigative procedures and techniques. Thorough knowledge of rules, regulations, policies, and procedures of the judicial system. Good mathematical reasoning and computational skills. Considerable knowledge of agency's organizational rules, policies, and procedures. Ability to recognize, collect, and evaluate evidence to support actions. Ability to communicate effectively with applicants, community agencies, law enforcement agencies, and judiciary personnel to obtain or present pertinent data, and to negotiate agreement and/or cooperation. Ability to maintain effective working relationships with other employees, the general public, and the judicial system. Ability to present information orally or in written form.

Additional Information

Minimum Training and Experience Requirements: An Associate Degree in Human Services Technology, Social Services Associate, Paralegal Technology, Criminal Justice, Business Administration, Secretarial Science or closely related curriculum and two years of experience as an Income Maintenance Caseworker or Investigator; or, graduation from high school and three years of experience as an Income Maintenance Caseworker or Income Maintenance Investigator; or graduation from high school and two years of investigative experience in credit, legal, or law enforcement work plus eighteen months of experience as an Income Maintenance Caseworker or Income Maintenance Investigator; or an equivalent combination of training and experience. Special Requirements: Proficiency desired in Typing, Word, and Computer knowledge.
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