IM Supervisor II

Work Type

Position Number


Closing Date
March 21, 2022
Posted March 8, 2022

Agency Name
Martin County

Work County

Job Contact
Barbie Casper PO Box 809 Williamston NC 27892 phone 252-789-4400 fax 252-789-4409

Job Location
305 East Main Street
North Carolina
Job Description

DATE:  March 8, 2022   POSITION:  INCOME MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR II   UNIT:  Crisis Unit   TYPE OF POSITION:  PERMANENT/FULL TME MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY    8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.   GRADE:  67   SALARY RANGE: $35,599.00 - $43,228.00     DUTIES:   To provide supervision to the Energy Programs, Child Care, Work First, Medicaid Transportation, and Program Integrity unit. To ensure day care providers are paid correctly and that payments are not over budget.     RESPONSIBILITIES:   The person in this position must have a thorough knowledge of the Child Care, Energy Programs, Work First, Medicaid Transportation, and Program Integrity.  This person is responsible for the day-to-day supervision of the Crisis Unit. This person holds conferences as needed to address issues with a caseworker’s job performance and conduct annual evaluations. Must be proficient using the NC Fast system.     KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS AND ABILITES:   The Unit Supervisor must have a thorough knowledge of the Child Care, Work First, Energy Programs, Program Integrity and Medicaid Transportation.  This person must also have the ability to instruct and supervise employees responsible for performing eligibility functions.  This person must be able to communicate effectively with workers, other supervisors, clients, day care providers, or other members of the community with questions or concern regarding the programs specified above.  This person must have the ability to obtain and verify pertinent data and to interpret rules and regulations of the various Income Maintenance programs.  The Supervisor in this position strives for a zero error rate.  This person must have general knowledge of the budget process, and must have good mathematical, reasoning, and computational skills.  The Supervisor must be able to present information orally and in writing.     MINIMUM TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS:   Three years of experience as a caseworker or investigator in an Income                            Maintenance Program, preferably with one year of supervisory experience or an equivalent combination of training and experience.   BENEFITS:  
  1. Paid Health Insurance
  2. Paid Dental Insurance
  3. Paid Life Insurance
  4. Paid 11.43% for Retirement
  5. 4% 401-K Contribution
  6. Pay 2.3 Weeks of Vacation per year
  7. Pay 2.4 Weeks of Sick per year
  8. Pay 11 days of Holiday per year
    TO APPLY:   All applicants must submit a typed PD-107 (state application) to: Martin County Department of Social Services Attention: Barbie Casper Post Office Box 809, Williamston, NC 27892 or submit in person at: 305 East Main Street, Williamston, NC 27892.   CLOSING DATE:  March 21, 2022 at 5:00 pm   Applicants selected for employment must pass a drug/alcohol screening and a criminal background check.  Bilingual applicants sought.   AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER