IMC III (Adult Medicaid)

Work Type
Adult Services

$32,784 - $34,428

Closing Date
December 1, 2020
Posted November 17, 2020

Agency Name
Vance County DSS

Work County

Job Location
350 Ruin Creek Road
North Carolina
Job Description

Job Description

This position involves determining and maintaining  eligibility for Long Term Care, Special Assistance and CAP Adult Medicaid Programs.  Will work with clients to gather information through an interview process to determine eligibility as well as to inform client of their rights and responsibilities as prescribed by program policies.  Also, includes redetermination of Medicaid Benefits on a periodic basis.  Candidate must be computer proficient. 

Key Responsibilities and Related Competencies:

Work with clients includes the gathering of information through the interview process for the purpose of determining applicant/client eligibility as well as to inform the client of their rights and obligations as prescribed under program policies. Work involves performing all of the following functions: intake, processing and review. In the intake process, employees are responsible for obtaining all pertinent data concerning the clients' family composition, financial, employment and health status. Employees may also be involved in processing clients' application through the verification of all information obtained during intake. Work may also involve the redetermination or review of the clients' case on a periodic basis, in order to reverify the clients' eligibility for continued participation in the program.
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