Income Maintenance-II Family & Children’s Medicaid

Work Type
Economic Services

Position Number


Closing Date
March 7, 2022
Posted March 1, 2022

Agency Name
Ashe County DSS

Work County

Job Contact
Joshua Poe 336-846-5702

Job Location
150 Government Circle, Suite 1400
North Carolina
Job Description

Employees in this position are responsible for determining and/or redetermining eligibility of applicants or recipients requesting Medicaid assistance.   Employees interview individuals to gather information about financial situations, contact individuals and agencies to verify information, and evaluate information to determine eligibility for assistance according to numerous State and Federal regulations.  This process requires organization of work in order to meet various deadlines, mathematical computation, documentation, completion of computer forms, and the ability to process information within the NC FAST computer system as well as various other systems.  Employee is required to open or assist in the operation of a community shelter in the event of an emergency.
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