Income Maintenance Investigator II

Work Type
Economic Services


Closing Date
January 27, 2020
Posted January 14, 2020

Agency Name
Avery County DSS

Work County

Job Contact
Barbara Jones 175 Linville Street Newland, NC 28657

Job Location
175 Linville Street
North Carolina
Job Description

Responding to allegations of fraudulent application for public, medical, or food and nutrition assistance from the general public, law enforcement officials, State Office of Personnel and other community and governmental agencies. Researching and compiling information and evidence relating to case including interviewing clients filing allegedly fraudulent applications and other parties who may have relevant information such as neighbors, employers, or landlords. Deciding on a course of action either in dismissing the case, arranging with the client for repayment or presenting the case in an administrative hearing or to the district attorney for prosecution.
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