Income Maintenance Program Administrator II

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Closing Date
November 18, 2021
Posted November 4, 2021

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Martin County DSS

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Job Contact
Barbie Casper 305 East Main Street Williamston NC 27892 Phone 252-789-4400 Fax 252-789-4409

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305 East Main Street
North Carolina
Job Description

DATE:  November 4, 2021   POSITION AVAILABLE:  INCOME MAINTENANCE PROGRAM ADMINISTRATOR II. START DATE JULY 1, 2019   SALARY GRADE:  72   BEGINNING SALARY:  $44,365 - $53,872 (compensation based on qualifications)   TYPE OF POSITION:  PERMANENT /FULL TIME   HOURS OR WORK:  8:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M.   UNIT:  ADMINISTRATIVE   DUTIES AND RESPONSBILITES:   The primary purpose of this position is to supervise lower level supervisors who have direct responsibility for the day to day functions of their program/functional units. Position will be responsible for overall planning and budgeting for the income maintenance programs and are involved with the overall agency planning as a member of the management team. This position will have involvement in the community, assess program needs and have input into long-term planning, organizing and directing the budget and personnel functions for income maintenance programs. This position will be responsible to ensure that state mandated performance measures are being achieved through training and monitoring.   This position is responsible for supervising and directing Income Maintenance Supervisors II and other related positions performing duties within economic services. Responsibilities and duties will include and will consume 100% of the Income Maintenance Administrator’s time: Under general supervision, this position manages and directs quality assurance, compliance and utilization review for program operations to include Medicaid (Adult and Family & children); Food and Nutrition, Child Care, Energy; and will directly supervise the Program Integrity unit. This position is responsible for reviewing records, conducting audits, compiling data to reflect policy, identifying trends and deficiencies. This position will arrange for economic specific training based upon the program goals. Conduct independent research and analysis of all Federal, State, and Local policies and procedures to develop tools for proficiency and training. Assists Supervisors and Director in identifying agency needs, objectives and strategies for work performance through the actual result of case reviews. Must exercise sound judgment to improve efficiency by independent review and evaluation. Must possess the ability to resolve problems, apply a corrective action plan, and ongoing monitoring. Must have a clear understanding of data collection and program specific policies. Reports to DSS Director.   KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITES:    Thorough knowledge of income maintenance programs and human resource administration. Thorough knowledge of the use of the income maintenance manuals and of the forms and documents used in determining eligibility for all program areas. Thorough knowledge of needs, problems, and attitudes of disadvantaged persons. Thorough knowledge of budgeting and planning process. Through knowledge of system and applications. Considerable knowledge of needs assessment techniques. Considerable management skills. Ability to communicate effectively orally and in written form. Ability to organize, direct and plan for income maintenance programs. Ability to maintain a satisfactory working relationship with applicants, other courses contacted within the course of work, the agency director, and public at large and county officials. Ability to plan and evaluate the services of a comprehensive eligibility program. Ability to represent the eligibility program in departmental meetings and community conferences.   An employee in this position may be called upon when necessary to provide support in shelter openings to serve the citizens of this or other communities. Service to the community may result in the assignment of other duties that includes, but is not limited to Shelter Operations. Other assigned duties will take precedence over duties in this job description.   MINIMUM TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE:   Two years of supervisory experience at least one of which must have been in an income maintenance or services program, and preferably with one year of experience in an income maintenance program; or an equivalent combination of training and experience.   Bilingual in English and Spanish a plus.   BENEFITS:  
  1. Paid Health Insurance
  2. Paid Dental Insurance
  3. Paid Life Insurance
  4. Paid 11.43% for Retirement
  5. 4% 401-K Contribution
  6. Pay 2.3 Weeks of Vacation per year
  7. Pay 2.4 Weeks of Sick per year
  8. Pay 11 days of Holiday per year
  TO APPLY:   Anyone interested in applying for this position must submit a typed NC State Application (PD-107) including a complete job history to:   Martin County Department of Social Services Attn: Barbie Casper Post Office Box 809 305 East Main Street Williamston, NC  27932   These applications may be submitted via mail or in person.  Individuals interested that are out of the area can submit a completed application via fax at: (252) 789-4409, Attn: Barbie Casper.  ALL ORIGINALS MUST BE MAILED.   UNSIGNED APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.   CLOSING DATE:  November 18, 2021  5:00 PM   MARTIN COUNTY IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER