Investigation, Assessment, & Treatment Social Worker

Work Type
Child Support Enforcement, Family and Children’s Services


Closing Date
Continuous Recruitment
Posted November 25, 2020

Agency Name
Buncombe County Health & Human Services

Work County

Job Location
200 College St
North Carolina
Job Description

This posting is for ongoing recruitment for the Social Work Investigations division.

Transcripts are required to be submitted with your application.

Purpose of the position: The primary purpose of this position is to ensure child safety in compliance with state and federal statutes regarding child protective services.

Essential Functions of the position: • Assess the risk and safety of children in response to actual or suspected child neglect, abuse, or dependency through conducting a thorough investigation of the home, school and other locations or persons involved, conducting such assessments requires the use of a personal vehicle and a valid driver’s license. • Develop and monitor service plans with families involved in Child Protective Services and provide or refer services as needed. Make recommendations to the court, including services needed, progress and barriers to permanent plan. • Provide direct services to children and their parents/caretakers through which a timely and comprehensive assessment is conducted to determine if abuse/neglect/dependency exist and provide for ongoing intervention if warranted. • Ensure safety planning for children in compliance with state and federal statutes and policies. If children cannot remain safely in their home a petition to the court and/or non-secure custody is sought. • Assess, support, supervise and counsel families involved with child protective services to ensure child safety, wellbeing and permanence. Evaluate available information to determine the appropriateness for intervention and level of services required. • Prepare legal documents, court reports, and court testimony when warranted in compliance with state and federal statutes and policies. Ensure all required documentation, forms and reports are completed and maintained in a timely and consistent manner in accordance with local, state and federal requirements. • Provide transportation on a limited basis to families when necessary to access services to address safety and wellbeing issues. • Advise clients of the Department’s mandated responsibilities, agency policies and procedures and clients’ rights. • Establish rapport with children, families and appropriate professionals/non-professionals in the community to provide a strengths-based, family centered approach in working with families throughout child welfare involvement. • Coordinate goal-directed visitation with birth family in accordance with Court orders and service agreements. • Develop and/or participate in Child and Family Team to ensure collaborative service planning and case coordination among multiple service providers. • Perform other related duties as assigned.

Minimum Education, Training and/or Experience: Master’s degree from an accredited school of social work and one (1) year of social work experience; or a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited school of social work and two (2) years of social work or counseling experience; or Master’s degree in a counseling field and two (2) years of social work or counseling experience; or a Bachelor’s degree in a human services field or related curriculum and three (3) years of social work or counseling experience; or Bachelor’s degree and four (4) years of experience in rehabilitation counseling, pastoral counseling or a related human service field providing experience in the techniques of casework, group work or community organization; or an equivalent combination of training and experience. *One year of work experience can be credited for completion of the social work collaborative.

Additional Training and Experience: English/Spanish bi-lingual speakers preferred.

License or Certification Required by Statute or Regulation: A current, valid North Carolina driver's license.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities: • Ability to prioritize, identify, and assess risks, problems and needs often in stressful situations with clients who are hostile, emotionally confused and resistant; Ability to effectively de-escalate individuals. • Knowledge of medical, behavioral and socio-economic problems and their treatment. • Knowledge of numerous funding sources and how to utilize them. • Knowledge of basic criminal justice procedures, elements of medical and mental disorders, personality theory, family systems dynamics, interpersonal relations, and cultural differences, values and lifestyles. • Skills in establishing constructive relationships with resistant clients and utilizing family-centered SW practice. • Skills and counseling in interviewing and the ability to express ideas clearly and concisely and to plan and execute work effectively; and skills in creating resources when none are readily available. • Thorough Knowledge of social work principles, techniques and practices and their application to specific casework and community problems. • Thorough knowledge of agency procedures and resources, community systems and resources, manual material, state and federal regulations, permanency planning philosophy, and laws governing protective services for children.

Department:Health and Human Services Location: Asheville, NC Salary Range: $29.94 - $31.28 To Apply Visit:
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