Social Work Program Manager

Work Type
Family and Children’s Services


Closing Date
November 4, 2022
Posted October 6, 2022

Agency Name
Bertie County

Work County

Job Contact
Cortney Ward

Job Location
106 Dundee Street
North Carolina
Job Description

  • Establishes goals and suggests priorities for employees to ensure that work plans are consistent with the annual plan.
  • Provides input into agency planning through periodic reports and meetings.
  • Consults with supervisors on issues that impact program goals, objectives, policies, and the delivery of services.
  • Ensures that policies and standards are followed and explains and implements changes when necessary or to meet client/family’s needs.
  • Supports collaboration with service providers, foster parents, and other placing agencies to ensure the highest quality of services is provided to children and adults.
  • Responsible for modifying or changing work assignments to maintain a balanced workload among employees.
  • Compiles data in order to evaluate and monitor an administrative budget.
  • Monitors the work of employees through the review of reports, cases, conferences, and informal discussions.
  • Responsible for performance evaluations, approving leave requests, making promotion recommendations, interpreting, and applying state employment policies along with other supervisory duties.
  • Responsible for any other duties as assigned by the Director.
  Skills & Abilities:   Ability to accept responsibility and account for his/her actions. Ability to perform work accurately and thoroughly. Ability to analyze statistical data, keep accurate records and complete reports. Ability to work independently with minimal supervision. Ability to communicate effectively with others using the spoken word and the ability to communicate in writing clearly and concisely. Ability to take care of the client’s needs while following agency procedures. Ability to demonstrate conduct conforming to a set of values and accepted standards. Ability to be truthful, maintain high level of confidentiality and be seen as credible in the workplace. Ability to use good judgment and discretion as it relates to interpreting policies and procedures. Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment. Ability to gain acceptance of others even in sensitive situations. Ability to find a solution for or to deal proactively with work-related problems. Ability to effectively build relationships with clients, families, co-workers, and community partners. Ability to create a safe work environment while managing risks and reducing exposure liabilities. Ability to utilize the available time to organize and complete work within given deadlines.   Education & Experience: Master's Degree from an accredited school of social work and four years of social work or counseling experience, two of which were supervisory; or bachelor's degree in social work or counseling experience, two of which were in a supervisory capacity; or a four-year degree in a human services field or related curriculum including at least 15 semester hours in courses related to social work or counseling and six years of social work or counseling experience, two of which were supervisory; or graduation from a four-year college or university and six years of experience in rehabilitation counseling, pastoral counseling, or related human services field providing experience in techniques of casework, group work, or community organization, two of which were in a supervisory capacity; or an equivalent combination of training and experience.
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