Social Worker II

Work Type
Adult Services

Position Number


Closing Date
April 3, 2022
Posted March 25, 2022

Agency Name
Craven County Department of Social Services

Work County

Job Contact
Craven County Dept. of Social Services 252-636-4900

Job Location
2818 Neuse Blvd
New Bern
North Carolina
Job Description

Primary Purpose The Child and Family Services Section implements mandated service programs to assist in: (1) the protection of children, (2) the preservation of the family unit, and/or (3) the provision of an alternative permanent plan which meets the child's need for safety, security and permanence. Services provided for families and children include: Intake and Crisis Intervention, Child abuse investigation and assessment, In Home Treatment Services, Case Planning/Case Management, Resource family, recruitment, screening, training and licensing, Nurturing Family Programs, Links Services, Permanency Planning and adoption services. All social work services and practice must follow Federal, state, and local policies and guidelines. This social work position is assigned to the Family Interventions and Support Services Unit. Essential Functions ASSESSMENT
  • Interviews families to determine family dynamics, and observes and identifies strengths and weaknesses within the family structure.
  • Administers parenting assessments and interprets the results.
  • Observes and identifies verbal and non-verbal behavior
  • Analyzes family in relation to cultural, environmental and socio-economic situations.
  • Assesses family's problem solving skills.
  • Identifies family's child development skills and child management strengths and needs.
  • Facilitates Nurturing Parenting Programs.
  • Assesses participants' progress in the parenting program through observation of the parent child interaction and class participation.
  • Provides consultation and training to referring professionals.
  • Identifies and analyzes social worker's biases relevant to assessing family.
  • Enhances client's problem solving ability through use of role modeling, advising, educating and reinforcing.
  • Responds to crisis by altering or redirecting inappropriate behavior.
  • Analyzes situations independently and selects appropriate intervention strategy.
  • Advocates for families when barriers occur within service delivery system.
  • Discusses sensitive issues with families in supportive and confidential atmosphere.
  • Mediates between affected parties to resolve conflicts.
  • Documents each significant contact regarding the family.
  • Provides accurate information to local and state databases.
  • Prepares appropriate forms for documentation as required by local, state and federal policies.
  • Prioritizes case assignments and organizes tasks for effective and efficient service.(990G)
  • May provide oversight and monitoring of resource families.
  • Identifies community resources and makes appropriate referrals.
  • Prepares materials about services offered at the Family Resource Center for distribution to the public.
  • Provides community education and awareness about the Nurturing Parenting Program and Family Resource Center.
  • Solicits sponsors in the community to provide food, gifts, clothing, monetary donations and entertainment for foster children, Resource Family Appreciation and Nurturing Parenting programs.
  • Participates with other team members to implement a recruitment plan for increasing the number of licensed homes in the county.
  • Recruits and trains volunteers
  • Identifies resources within the community and educates staff about the resources
  • Identifies and establishes support groups ie: grandparents raising grandchildren, fathers' groups and support groups for families with substance abusing family members.
  • Maintains participant records documenting attendance, self-evaluations, home practice assignments, referrals and participation in other programs within the Family Resource Center.
  • Documents strengths and family difficulties through case recordings.
  • May assist with licensing, relicensure, quarterly reviews of resource families in accordance with local, state and federal policies.
  • Co-leads Nurturing Parenting Programs yearly.
  • Provides one-on-one parenting education to resource families and community referrals as needed.
  • Assists the team as needed in co-leading TIPS-MAPP pre-service training sessions to prospective resource families.  Topics include (but are not limited to): what is foster family care, understanding the impact of foster parenting on one's own family, rights and responsibilities of foster parents, the foster child, natural parents, separation and loss, attachment issues, agency/foster parent teamwork, discipline, and placement.
  • Serves as a member of multi-disciplinary teams:  Permanency Planning Action Teams, and community boards.
  • Works in emergency shelter during national emergency or natural disaster
  • Performs other duties assigned by supervisor or director
  Minimum Education and Experience Bachelor's degree in social work from an appropriately accredited institution; bachelor's degree in a human services field from an appropriately accredited institution and one year of directly related experience; bachelor's degree from an appropriately accredited institution and two years directly related experience; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
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