Social Worker III

Work Type
Adult Services

Position Number


Closing Date
April 3, 2022
Posted March 25, 2022

Agency Name
Craven County Dept. of Social Services

Work County

Job Contact
Craven County Dept. of Social Services 252-636-4900

Job Location
2818 Neuse Blvd
New Bern
North Carolina
Job Description

Primary Purpose   This position’s primary purpose is to provide Guardianship Case Management. Guardianship Case Management is provided to cases that have been assigned to this Agency by the Clerk of Court/Judge.  Guardianship services are also offered to families who are in need of assistance in the guardianship process. Funding for activities is provided through the Social Services Block Grant, State Funds, and Medicaid.  This position is part of the Adult Protective Services Unit within the Adult Services Program Area.   Essential Functions   95% Guardianship Caseload Responsibilities for guardianship cases include comprehensive assessments, completion of service plans that will meet these wards’ needs, monitoring and supervision to ensure medical, psychiatric, environmental, financial and social needs are met.  Responsibilities include problem solving, consultation and mediation with facilities, physicians, and family members.  Cases assigned are frail elderly and severely disabled adults in high-risk situations.  This position also acts as liaison with various other human service agencies. Active caseload size of guardianship averages 25 individuals in order to  allow for the in-depth counseling necessary. Assessment & Evaluation
  • Measures the functional ability of the client to care for himself.
  • Assesses the extent to which client can mobilize family and community supports.
  • Assesses and determines with other professionals the client’s ability to manage his/her own affairs or to make or communicate important decisions concerning his person, family, property, whether such lack of capacity is due to mental illness, mental retardation, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, autism, inebriety, senility, disease, or injury or similar cause or condition.
  • Works in conjunction with the Adult Protective Services staff, Agency Attorney, guardian ad litem, client, family, court staff, physicians, psychiatrist, Director, etc. as needed in assessing, determination of the need for guardianship.
  • Represents the agency on multidisciplinary evaluation teams to compile and analyze current data on clients; recommends to the Court appropriate plans that address clients' specific needs, such as living arrangements, financial affairs, personal needs, etc.
Development / Treatment / Goal / Service Plans
  • Engages and facilitates medical, psychiatric and legal professionals, when appropriate, in forming/changing goals or plans to delay or prevent deterioration and to ensure that there is a responsible person to act on the client’s behalf as deemed appropriate.
  • Engages client’s family in the planning process.
  • Documents goals, objectives and strategies.
  • Petitions the court for guardianship when appropriate.
  • Assists family members in guardianship process when appropriate.
  • Prepares Court Summaries if Court action is indicated.
  • Assumes and carries out guardianship responsibilities for adjudicated incompetent. adults on behalf of the Agency director when the Department of Social Services is appointed guardian by the Court.
  • Complies statistical reports.
  • Completes case recordings.
  • Facilitates placement in appropriate level of care.
  • Authorizes expenditures and monitors the financial affairs on behalf of the Director regarding cases for which the agency has been appointed payee by the Social Security Administration, Veterans Office or other Agency.
  • Assumes fiduciary responsibilities on behalf of the Director when Agency is guardian of clients' estates.  All financial authorizations require approval of immediate supervisor.
Counseling / Therapy
  • Promotes an understanding of Court processes through supportive counseling with client and family.
  • Educates client and family to differences in levels of group care as appropriate.
  • Assists client in coping with major changes in living conditions (home and congregate living).
Monitoring / Reviewing Maintenance
  • Reviews all cases at least quarterly to determine progress, level barriers, etc., and documents this information.
  • Advises supervisor on problematic cases.
  • Contacts appropriate service providers (e.g. nurses, adult care homes, and nursing home staff) to assess progress.
  • Revises service plan as warranted by information received and ongoing assessments.
 5% Miscellaneous This position also assists in disaster relief efforts that includes but is not limited to shelter duty. Assignment to emergency shelter duty during times of potentially dangerous or manmade disasters is an essential function of this position and you shall be required to fulfill these duties when instructed. Position may perform other duties as assigned by the Social Work Supervisor III, Social Work Program Manager, Director, and Deputy Director.   Minimum Education and Experience   Master's degree in social work from an accredited school of social work; Bachelor's degree in social work from an accredited school of social work; Bachelor's degree in social work from an accredited school of social work and one year directly related experience; Master's degree in a human services field and one year of directly related experience; Bachelor's degree in a human services field from an accredited college or university and two years directly related experience; Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university and three years of directly related experience.
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