Social Worker III – Adult Protective Services

Work Type
Adult Services

Position Number


Closing Date
March 14, 2021
Posted March 8, 2021

Agency Name
Carteret County Department of Social Services

Work County

Job Location
210 Craven Street
North Carolina
Job Description

Performs screenings and evaluations to request services for adults, and when appropriate, the implement such services in order to assist persons in securing resources to lessen risk of harm, improve quality of life, and maximize independence. Assists in the primary functions of determining the need for protective services and offering those services if the need is substantial.  This employee is responsible for conducting a functional assessment to determine if a disabled adult has been abused, neglected, or exploited, and is in need of protection.  If the adult consents, the employee will explore resources beginning with available family members. Should the adult refuse the receipt of services, but lack the capacity to understand, the employee may have to obtain court-ordered authority to act on the adult's behalf. The employee will ensure the safety of incompetent adults.  This employee will offer case management to individuals who are perceived to be incapable of making important decisions regarding their personal welfare and/or financial resources. Should there be no less restrictive options, the employee may assemble functional information and petition the Clerk of Court to conduct a hearing to determine incompetency.  Should the clerk find the individual incompetent and appoint the Department of Social Services to become the guardian of the individual, the employee, with the oversight of the Director, will be responsible for developing a guardianship plan to address issues of daily life.  Work is performed under the supervision of the Adult Services Social Work Supervisor III and is evaluated through conferences, reports, and client/family feedback. Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Responsible for determining whether or not allegations should be substantiated through consultation with other members of the adult protective services team.
  • Receives referrals of alleged abuse, neglect, or exploitation of a disabled adult and initiates a comprehensive assessment of the adult's circumstances using the Adult Services Functional Assessment tool; employee conducts interviews the adult and other individuals with pertinent knowledge relating to the situation.
  • Consults with adult and appropriate resource providers to implement needed services should the adult be found to be in need of, and willing to receive, protective services; if adult refuses protective services, the employee is responsible for counseling the adult regarding awareness of risk and repercussions and eventual outcomes and solutions; if adult lacks capacity to give consent, but is in need of services, the employee is responsible for obtaining court-ordered authority or other legal means to implement the needed services.
  • Follows through with case management services until a resolution of risk is decided upon.
  • Maintains thorough documentation of all activities related to referral and subsequent outcomes; submits paperwork to the state office to register the ward and arrange for security bonds, if necessary.
  • Advises adults incapable of functioning independently of supervision and support options if family or acquaintances are willing to assist.
  • Petitions the Clerk of Court to determine capacity of adults with no family or acquaintances willing to assist, or in cases of emergency, requests an interim guardian; should the Clerk find the adult to be incompetent and appoint the Department of Social Services as the individual's guardian, the employee is responsible for seeking the Director's signature on documentation on behalf of the Clerk and obtain letters and appointment.
  • Maintains contact with ward and oversee care, conduct visits at least quarterly unless more frequent visits are required, and make periodic reports to the Clerk as required by law.
  • Creates and maintains agency files pertaining to the individual, including any subsequent events.
  • Continuously evaluates changes in the ward's functional ability in the event changes need to be made in the guardianship plan.
  • Keeps the Director informed of significant events.
  • Collaborates with family and the Guardian of the Estate, if such exists, addressing end-of-life issues, such as a living will or funeral and burial arrangements, following the ward's wishes as closely as possible.
Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
  • Ability to maintain accurate documentation as required and makes essential decisions regarding care.
  • Demonstrates the ability to understand the adult services programs.
  • Ability to be perceptive, patient and willing to listen to sometimes lengthy and convoluted dialogue in order to obtain essential information.
  • Ability to drive to homes or facilities where residents are located and to traverse those locations unassisted. Sensory perception is necessary to make judgments about individual's affect, appearance, ability to communicate, and overall health.
  • Possesses tact to relate comfortably to facility staff and is tenacious enough to advocate for resident's rights.
  • Demonstrates sufficient medical knowledge to interpret data provided by physicians and mental health professionals and to communicate effectively with them.
  • Demonstrates sufficient computer skills to be able to properly document all activities.
Education & Experience: Graduation from a college or university with a four-year degree in human services, social work, or related field and moderate experience in human services and counseling; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
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