Social Worker-III Adult Services

Work Type
Adult Services

Position Number

Closing Date
May 5, 2020
Posted April 23, 2020

Agency Name
Ashe County Department of Social Services

Work County

Job Location
150 Government Circle, Suite 1400
North Carolina
Job Description

Responsibilities include managing several caseloads (approximately 12 to 18) and administering several programs, including Medicaid Administrative Claiming, Adult Protective Service Intake and Evaluations, Guardianship, Representative Payee cases, Individual and Family Case Management, Adult Home Specialist, Special Assistance In-Home, Outreach visits, Multi-disciplinary Evaluations and other tasks/programs.  Responsibilities include setting mutually-agreed upon goals, home visits, transporting clients to medical appointments and various locations based on client’s needs, ensuring clients’ bills are paid, acquiring housing for clients and physically assisting to move them, assisting with instrumental activities of daily living, and many other functions as needed to ensure client safety and development.   The applicant must be willing to be trained offsite and onsite in programs and techniques, must be willing to accept direction from Supervisor and others regarding client well-being, and willing to work in a team environment - working across borders and boundaries as needed.  Record creation, keeping, and maintenance must be done in a timely manner as directed by Supervisor.  Skills helpful to this role include good organizational skills, patience and people skills, the ability to constantly re-prioritize, self-motivation, and problem solving.  Worker will be involved in the rotation of on-call duties during evenings, weekends and holidays.  The employee is required to assist in the operation of a community shelter in the event of an emergency.    
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