Work Type
Family and Children’s Services


Closing Date
Open Until Filled
Posted October 21, 2021

Agency Name
Vance County DSS

Work County

Job Location
350 Ruin Creek Road
North Carolina
Job Description

The social worker will complete any of the following duties as assigned by supervisor and or Program Administrator:  CPS Investigations/Assessments alleging the abuse, neglect and dependency of children. Provision of CPS In-Home Services where the worker and families determine the strategies to be used to change the conditions and behaviors that resulted in child abuse and neglect; to work with the children/family and their support systems to reduce or eliminate the risk of maltreatment. The social worker will use critical thinking in complex situations to assess safety and risk factors for children in the home of their parents. The social worker will use their social work skills and knowledge to determine when to seek removal of custody through the juvenile court when the child cannot be maintained safely in the home of the parent or caretaker and or the social worker will use critical thinking in complex situations to assess on-going safety and risk factors while services are being provided to children in the home of their parents. The social worker works closely with parents, schools, medical personnel and mental health professionals to ensure the well-being needs of the children and families are properly addressed. Make referrals for follow-up services when necessary, preparing court summaries, testify in court, attend meetings to advocate and facilitate services for children and families. Serve On-Call duties on a rotating schedule to respond to reports alleging abuse and neglect of children when the agency is closed on holidays, weekends and work overtime outside of the normal work schedule of the agency. Perform Disaster duties when needed to ensure the safety of the community in the designated emergency shelters when a disaster occurs and work overtime as needed to accommodate the schedules of parents and/or caretakers.    Work requires a thorough understanding of social work assessment techniques and treatment approaches primarily of a crisis, supportive, and behavioral nature.   Work involves comprehensive child and adult services that are jointly planned with other members of a multi-disciplinary team or protective services committee and supervisors. Assessment and intervention are performed with considerable independence. Medication issues are referred to physicians and legal precedents are utilized in some settings. Work is reviewed by unit supervisor or program manager usually on a general basis except for review of sensitive legal, abuse, or commitment situations.  Directly affects clients, their families, foster homes, adoptive parents, depending on caseload.  
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