Can I get new job notices by e-mail?

Yes. To subscribe to weekly job updates, enter your name and email into the sign-up form located at the bottom of the right hand sidebar. Weekly updates are sent every Monday at 8 am.

How do I “unsubscribe” from the weekly update?

There is an “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the update email.

 What does “open until filled” mean?

Some jobs do not have a specific closing date—the employer wants the position to remain posted until the right candidate is found. You may want to contact the agency directly to see if the job is still open before you apply.

What does “continuous recruitment” mean?

Some agencies accept applications anytime, even if a job is not open. Then when they do have an opening, they review the applications they have on file. If you are interested in working in a county that uses ‘continuous recruitment,’ go ahead and submit your application so that it is on file with the agency. You may also want to contact the agency directly to see if there are any current openings.

Can I apply for jobs online?

Many counties have an online application process. When you click on a specific job, you can learn more about how that agency accepts applications. You cannot apply for jobs through this website because each county’s process is unique.

Who posts jobs to this site?

Public social service agencies in North Carolina (the NC Division of Social Services and the 100 county Departments of Social Services) are authorized to post to this site.