Administrative Services Assistant V

Work Type
Family and Children’s Services

Position Number


Closing Date
May 5, 2022
Posted April 28, 2022

Agency Name
Craven County Dept. of Social Services

Work County

Job Contact
Craven County Dept. of Social Services 252-636-4900

Job Location
2818 Neuse Blvd
New Bern, NC
North Carolina
Job Description

Primary Purpose The primary purpose of the position is to provide legal assistant services for two agency attorneys, and administrative supervision and support for the child and family services section. This includes providing direct supervision for two Office Assistant III positions and one Processing Assistant II. Essential Functions  
  • Legal Assistance Duties which include: Setting up new legal files and maintaining tickler files on all DSS Juvenile cases, providing agency attorneys with juvenile petition in case jacket providing client names, address, adverse parties, type of case, date opened and assigning DSS Juvenile case matter number. Tickler file is maintained both numerically and alphabetically. Responsible for maintaining and tracking legal mandated timelines. Maintains permanency planning manual to ensure all legal timeframes are met.
  • Attends all Craven Juvenile DSS court hearings and provides agency attorney and Program Administrator with a written brief of all cases heard. Collects, copies and distributes court reports to all court personnel including parent's attorneys, DSS attorneys, GAL office and volunteers prior to the court hearing.
  • Delivers Writs to NC DOC relative to juvenile cases and communicates with Deputy in court to confirm documentation.
  • Responsible for generating notice of hearings, filing with Juvenile Clerk and distributing copies accordingly to all parties. Maintains an internal court calendar beginning with the next court date and distributes to agency attorneys, Program Administrator and all Child and Family Services Supervisors.
  • Based on Chief District Court Judge's six month schedule of courts and judges assigned, develops an internal six month Court Calendar that lists all DSS court dates and judges.
  • Serves as Notary in both a legal capacity and for notarizing documents for social workers such as relinquishment papers, Medical Surgical agreements, child placement forms and other documents as requested.
  • Provides direct supervision to three office support staff ensuring that all CPS clerical duties are performed accurately and within required time frames and the Hope Family Resource Center has reception and phone coverage from 8:00 am-5:00 pm daily. Approves leave and conducts annual evaluations.
  • Oversees the organization and management of the CPS record file room. Coordinates the management of the records filed and following the legal mandates regarding the purging of records to ensure adequate space for records is maintained.
  • Accesses and prints monthly state reports and distributes to Program Administrator and Supervisors as required by the Program Administrator. These reports include: PQA020.FKAAC199 IVE-Foster Care Collection Child Support Enforcement, FKAAC240 State Foster Home Fund Collections Child Support Enforcement, PQA084 Monthly Case Listing, PQAOO Children with Plan Goal of Adoption, PQA107 Children Eligible under Title IV-E, CYA004, CYA008 and Monthly foster Care Caseworker Visit Report, MRS Data Entry form by the 15th of the month.
  • Schedules within legal mandated time frames Permanency Planning Action Team Meetings and Child and Family Team Meetings. Types and mails letters to families, attorneys, other agency staff and any relative or support person listed as a potential attendee informing them of the time and place of the meeting. Ensures letters are mailed two weeks prior to the scheduled meeting.
  • Organizes Foster Care, Adoption, and In Home Services Case Files and distributes to the assigned social worker.
  • Assists with LINKS data entry updating 5027's as necessary.
  • Submits Child and Family Services Supply order and maintains an inventory of office supplies for the Division.
  • Attends and takes minutes for all Child and Family Services Division Meeting and Supervisors Meetings. Forwards the minutes to the Program Administrator for approval then saves in the shared drive. Assists the Program Administrator in collecting and organizing data needed for annual and monthly reports.
Shelter: This position also assists in disaster relief efforts that includes but is not limited to shelter duty. Assignment to emergency shelter duty during times of potentially dangerous or manmade disasters is an essential function of this position and employee shall be required to fulfill these duties when instructed. Position may perform other duties as assigned by the Social Worker Program Administrator I, Social Work Program Manager, Director, and Deputy Director.   Minimum Education and Experience Graduation from high school and demonstrated possession of knowledge, skills and abilities gained through at least one year of office assistant/secretarial experience; or an equivalent combination of training and experience.
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