Foster Care Case Manager

Work Type
Family and Children’s Services


Closing Date
Continuous Recruitment
Posted February 23, 2024

Agency Name
Children's Hope Alliance

Work County

Job Description

The Case Manager will coordinate services and resources for youth and families being served. The Case Manager provides ongoing support and training to foster parents as well as ensuring that foster parents maintains compliance with established standards. The Case Manager is responsible for documentation and files for all foster parents and foster children assigned to their caseloads 
Principal Duties and Responsibilities 
 Case Management 
  • Prepare reports and reviews in a timely, clear, and concise manner per Service Manual guidelines, including individual treatment plans or person-centered plans, contact logs, quarterly reviews, supervision notes, discharge summaries, Child and Family, and other assigned reports, utilizing computer-based clinical management software and other network software 
  • Review medical administration records (MARs) and grids at twice a month to ensure timeliness and accuracy. 
  • Complete all documentation within agency deadlines, according to regulatory guidelines 
  • Participate in the planning and delivery of services regarding admission, treatment, and discharge. This includes coordination and facilitation of Child and Family Team Meetings as well as other services as needed. 
  • Provide direct treatment services as needed, entering the rotation in the event of staff crisis (illness, injury, other absence) or team vacancy, when applicable 
  • Complete all preservice training in required time frames. Staff will annually complete 24 hours of training. 
Supervision responsibilities:   
  • Provide documented supervision and support to foster families by completing a minimum weekly visits to Therapeutic foster parents and 2 twice monthly to family Foster Care parents to continuously evaluate strengths and needs and provide ongoing training and support 
  • Will meet with the child individually and will provide documentation of the visits on the child's contact log 
  • Return all emergency phone calls and text messages within 30 minutes of call; return all general phone calls and text messages within four hours  
  • Ensure implementation of Teaching Family Model, by providing consultation in accordance with specified service delivery schedule 
  • Maintain contact with involved parents or relatives regarding the child’s life, progress in treatment, and treatment plan - c0ntact to be maintained at weekly intervals or as determined by the Admission Agreement 
  • Assess safety, family strength, and needs, as well as access necessary community resources 
  • Assist foster family in providing a safe and nurturing environment and be knowledgeable of mental health issues and behavioral management supports 
  • Maintain contact with custodians, social workers, and other involved professionals, including periodic updates of the resident’s progress and treatment plan as set forth in the Admission Agreement 
  • Represent the agency in activities occurring within the ecosystem of the child (treatment review meetings, court hearings, and other functions involving professionals external to the service team 
  • Provide support during monthly in-service training, support groups with the families and co-train in Teaching Family Model (when needed) 
  • Provide crisis and on-call support for foster parents during the week and participate in the weekend/holiday on-call
  • Monitor homes ongoing to ensure continued compliance with all licensing standards and conduct quarterly review.
  • Bachelor's degree in psychology, social work, or related field from a four-year college or university is required. 
  • Two years of previous work experience in a related field is required 
  • Qualified Professional (QP) designation with children is required.   
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