Economic Services Quality Assurance Analyst

Work Type
Economic Services

Position Number


Closing Date
November 22, 2020
Posted November 10, 2020

Agency Name
Carteret County Department of Social Services

Work County

Job Location
210 Craven Street
North Carolina
Job Description

Performs difficult, advanced human support work monitoring and reviewing social service income maintenance programs, ensuring compliance with Federal and State requirements.  Responsible for conducting quality control reviews of Work First Cash Assistance, Food & Nutrition Services and Medicaid cases administered by the Carteret County Department of Social Services.  Work involves an in-depth review and evaluation of randomly selected economic services cases and related records to determine if errors were made in processing and the cause of such errors.  Work may include providing specific group training to address trends and conducting special reviews or other studies designed to improve the economic service process.  The employee may conduct interviews with economic service clients, contact collaterals to verify information, interpret and evaluate the data gathered to determine the correctness of decisions.  The employee assists with state audits and monitoring, prepares program improvement plans as needed, and secures appropriate approval of such plans.  Employee is responsible for monitoring NC Fast post cards, policy changes, monitoring error trends, and recommending training topics.  Employee must exercise considerable initiative and independent judgment in ensuring proper appraisal methods and results.  Employee must also exercise considerable tact and courtesy in the contact with employees, clients, other professionals and the general public.  Work is performed under the limited supervision of the Human Services Evaluator and is evaluated by a review of records, reports, discussions, client feedback, and by observation.
  • Reviews and evaluates all information contained in an income maintenance client's case file in order to ensure that the correct eligibility decision has been made; verifies information through direct interviews with clients, collaterals, and review of Day Sheets.
  • Identifies error trends and reports to the Human Services Evaluator and Economic Services Program Manager and conducts group trainings as requested to address error trends.
  • Randomly selects cases from the appropriate reports and conducts an in-depth review and evaluation of cases on a monthly basis.
  • Maintains log of all cases reviewed, when corrections have been made, and caseworker responsibility.
  • Submits report monthly to Human Services Evaluator, Economic Services Program Manager, and the agency Director summarizing monthly audit findings, actions needed, and outstanding corrections required from the prior month.
  • Prepares and submits quarterly Medicaid Report and supporting documents to the State.
  • Attends on-site meetings with state representatives for Medicaid, Work First Cash Assistance and
  • Food & Nutrition Services.
  • Reviews unit meeting notes from supervisors and confers with the appropriate supervisor if policy questions arise from the notes.
  • Prepares and conducts meetings with administrative staff as requested.
  • References program policy manuals, state and federal program regulations, administrative letters as guides in case reviews, technical assistance and program improvement plan.
  • Reviews all files pulled for state, county and federal audits and works in collaboration with the Economic Services Program Manager to develop and submit program improvement plans when appropriate.
  • Monitors all program improvement plans submitted to ensure the plan is followed and completed.
  • Receives and/or reviews manual policies regarding Food & Nutrition Services, Medicaid and Work First Cash Assistance.
  • Researches problematic issues and serves as the agency liaison to the NC FAST Help Desk for Medicaid and Work First Cash Assistance.
  • Monitors help desk tickets/reports.
  • Assists caseworkers with cases that have NC Fast issues.
  • Merges duplicates in NC Fast.
  • Performs related duties as required.
  • Required to respond in a State of Emergency assisting with the operation of County shelters.
Graduation from high school and three (3) years of experience as a caseworker or in an economic service program and one year of supervisory experience; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
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