Social Worker III (Adult Services)

Work Type
Adult Services


Closing Date
Open Until Filled
Posted October 25, 2022

Agency Name
Vance County DSS

Work County

Job Location
500 N. Beckford Dr.
North Carolina
Job Description

Job Description

This position provides case management to adults at risk of institutionalization. The worker will assess the need for services; locate, coordinate, and monitor the delivery of needed medical and mental health services.  Position is responsible for receiving requests for services and determining eligibility. Receive reports of maltreatment of vulnerable adults, evaluate their need for protection and coordinate services  The need for this position to be filled as soon as possible is crucial for this department.  This position is vital to investigate reports of maltreatment of vulnerable adults, evaluate their need for protection, and coordinate services.   

Key Responsibilities and Related Competencies:

Employees determine extent of neglect, abuse, and facilitate move to appropriate setting to assess strengths and risk factors related to physical and mental health; and provide counseling to alleviate family crises. Work involves comprehensive adult services that are jointly planned with other members of a multi-disciplinary team or protective services committee and supervisors. Work requires a thorough understanding of social work assessment techniques and treatment approaches primarily of a crisis, supportive, and behavioral nature Includes state and federal laws and regulations, JCAHO standards, professional ethics, theories of standard methods and procedures, and quality assurance standards. Assessment and intervention are performed with considerable independence. Employees may participate in development of new theories or adaptation of techniques in the field of social work.
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