Social Worker Investigative/Assessment & Treatment

Work Type
Family and Children’s Services


Closing Date
Open Until Filled
Posted October 25, 2022

Agency Name
Stanly County Department of Social Services

Work County

Job Location
1000 North First Street, Suite 2
North Carolina
Job Description

KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES:   The primary duties of this position would include:  (1) receiving reports of suspected child abuse, neglect, or dependency and evaluating these reports to determine if the reported information meets the statutory guidelines for child maltreatment (2) CPS assessments to gather sufficient information to determine the following:  if child maltreatment occurred, if there is a risk of future maltreatment and the level of that risk, if the child is safe within the home and, if not, what interventions can be implemented to ensure the child’s protection and maintain the family unit intact if reasonably possible, continuing services needed to reduce the risk of maltreatment occurring in the future, and out of home placement if necessary to protect the child from harm  (3) provision of CPS in-home services where the worker and families determine the strategies to be used to change the conditions and behaviors that resulted in child abuse and neglect; to work with the family, their support system, and other service providers to reduce or eliminate the risk of maltreatment (4) to seek removal of custody through the juvenile court when the child cannot be maintained safely in the home of the parent or caretaker or voluntarily placed safely with relatives or other kin while services are continued (5) placement of children in foster homes or group care-settings, which includes direct treatment and counseling for the children themselves, their biological families and their foster families; and preparation of cases for court and testimony in juvenile court and criminal court  (6) develop and implement permanent plans for children such as reunification with parents, adoptive placement or other kinship placements (7) position may be assigned other related duties and activities as deemed appropriate by the supervisor.   Competency in computer skills required.
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