Social Worker Supervisor II

Work Type
Family and Children’s Services

Closing Date
February 6, 2022
Posted January 25, 2022

Agency Name
Alamance County Social Services

Work County

Job Location
319 N. Graham-Hopedale Road
North Carolina
Job Description

Job Purpose

The primary purpose of this position is to provide management and supervision of the foster care unit staff who have a responsibility to provide intervention treatment services when abuse, neglect or dependency has been substantiated; additionally, the position has the legally mandated responsibility for ensuring children and families at risk of abuse and neglect receive prompt and competent intervention; the safety of children is maintained while helping the parent to modify harmful behavior; and the family’s capacity to protect and nurture its children is strengthened by investigation and assessment of risk to the child.  It is the supervisor’s responsibility to train, direct, and support the social workers to do the tasks required in this intervention.  The supervisor also teaches and models practice standards that are consistent with federal and state statutes, Administrative rules, and protective policies. This position is also responsible for the training and licensing of foster homes under the agency’s oversight, as well as support staff. REPOSTING- All applications are under consideration unless other notice was provided. Responsibilities      25%       Administration: Child Welfare Supervisor must remain up-to-date on policies and laws; interpret and communicate policies, procedures and regulations promptly and with confidence to staff; timely and effectively communicate changes in policies and procedures (departmental and state) and other pertinent information.  This position provides supervision and consultation to staff; prepares for court, administrative reviews and consultations.  The supervisor stresses to staff the need for timely response to demands for services; and identifies needs and seeks improvements in working condition.  This employee must handle administrative matters (time sheets, leave requests, etc.,) in a timely manner and effectively handle complaints.       20%      Performance Management: The Child Welfare Supervisor establishes performance objectives, conducts regular reviews of work and provides feedback to appropriate staff; creates and implements a structured plan of orientation for new staff; promptly addresses problems with staff as they occur and administers appropriate workplace disciplinary/correction action when needed; develops a written plan of work for the Unit; and tracks and monitors the work flow in the Unit.  The supervisor models effective work habits; clearly communicates expectations to staff, develops and utilizes a training protocol for each new social worker and allows staff enough flexibility to take the initiative.  The supervisor should maximize staff potential, recognizing their strengths and areas needing improvement; and provide ongoing training to meet those needs.       20%      Planning and Organizing: The Child Welfare Supervisor shall communicate long- and short-range goals, which are significant, obtainable and measurable; seek input from staff in decision making when appropriate; share work concerns with appropriate staff; structure work assignments effectively and equitably, including coverage for vacant positions; and challenge staff with opportunities for professional growth.  The supervisor should keep management informed of important matters; monitor expenditures/revenues within the scope of responsibility and project an annual budget for the Unit.      20%      Analysis and Decision-Making: The Child Welfare Supervisor needs to analyze, assess, define and communicate problems to management; assure that decision making is timely, accurate and reflective of a standard supported by juvenile statutes and professional knowledge.  The supervisor should communicate realistic and effective solutions and make sound, defensible decisions to meet goals; and provide rationales for decisions made.   This position will monitor/maintain all state/local reports; and coordinate/participate in agency and audit/reviews.       15%      Working Relationships: The Child Welfare Supervisor demonstrates positive and reasonable leadership for the work unit; recognizes the extreme stress associated with the job and assists staff in finding ways to appropriately identify and manage stress; promotes mutually respectful internal relationships (within the unit, among divisions and others in the department) and respectful external relationships (in the community, with the public, other community agencies and community board appointments); promotes teamwork and sets an example in this regard; demonstrates a willingness to compromise and consider all sides of the issues; supports staff and recognizes staff contributions and the contributions of others; fosters a harmonious work unit; consistently treats everyone fairly; communicates and demonstrates support for decisions made by peers and management; practices confidentiality regarding information about employees and clients; is accessible to staff when assistance is needed; is approachable and listens to staff concerns; makes staff feel comfortable discussing problems; and demonstrates professional behavior at all times.

Skills & Abilities

Education & Experience:  Master's degree in social work from an appropriately accredited institution and two years of directly related experience; or a bachelor's degree in social work from an appropriately accredited institution and three years of directly related experience; or a master's degree in a human services field from an appropriately accredited institution and three years of directly related experience; or a bachelor's degree in a human services field from an appropriately accredited institution and four years of directly related experience; or a bachelor's degree from an appropriately accredited institution and five years of directly related experience; or an equivalent combination of education and experience. A copy of a certified college transcript and a letter of reference must be provided upon request. Computer Skills:  Proficient in MS Office (Excel, Word and PowerPoint Experience). License/Credentials: Possession of a valid N.C. driver's license is required for this position and maintaining a driving record in accordance with Alamance County policy. Other Position Information: This position is subject to reallocation contingent upon funding, agency needs and client population and are subject to perform work during emergency or disaster situations as required and may be required to staff shelter overnight.
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