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Closing Date
February 15, 2022
Posted February 8, 2022

Agency Name
Ashe County DSS

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Joshua Poe 336-846-5702

Job Location
150 Government Circle Suite 1400
North Carolina
Job Description

PRIMARY PURPOSE OF POSTION: Primary purpose of this position is legal representation for the agency in all aspects of Social Services Law with emphasis on Child Welfare Law, Juvenile Court, Child Support and Adult Services. This attorney will work with social workers to prepare cases for trial and will be responsible for representing the agency primarily in district court and before the Clerk of Superior Court.  The work load is large and the demands are intense in the juvenile law area.  Deadlines are set by statute and must be followed from the filing of petitions through adjudication, disposition, and permanency for children in custody of the agency. Appeals of Juvenile cases must be anticipated. DUTIES: The attorney will consult with the social workers in the filing of petitions, preparing the cases for trial, and in the follow-up hearings required for establishing permanency for children who have been removed from their homes. The attorney is responsible for seeing all deadlines are met to include hearings and the filing of all orders within the required time frames.  The attorney will also provide legal assistance to Adult Protective Services for Protective Orders in district court and guardianship matters before the Clerk of Court.  The attorney represents the department in child support matters.  The attorney will work with the staff in non-court matters where legal counsel is needed and will assist in the interpretation of Federal and State laws and regulations.  Research will often be required in rendering legal opinions for other units in the Agency, to include Economic Services and Business Operations.  Memorandums of law may be required.   The attorney can expect to have contacts with other Social Services attorneys, the Attorney General’s Office, NC Association of Social Services Attorneys, the North Carolina School of Government, the District Attorney’s office, law enforcement, the medical community, the legal community, mental health,  the school system, District Court judges, and others.  The attorney must be able to maintain effective working relationships with the public, lawyers in adversarial roles, and other persons contacted in the course of representing the agency.  The attorney will assist in a variety of trainings, such as training social workers to be witnesses in court.  The attorney may be called upon to represent the agency on various committees and to assist with special projects.  The attorney may be required to perform other duties within the agency at the discretion of the Director.
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