Child Welfare Social Work Program Manager

Work Type
Child Support Enforcement, Directors and Program Managers, Family and Children’s Services

Position Number


Closing Date
October 4, 2020
Posted September 15, 2020

Agency Name
Carteret County DSS

Work County

Job Location
210 Craven Street
North Carolina
Job Description

Performs difficult advanced human support work coordinating and supervising social work programs, training and supervising social work staff, assigning cases and managing caseloads, collaborating with community service providers to meet the needs of clients, overseeing the preparation and maintenance of files and records, and preparing reports.  This position works in conjunction with the Human Services Deputy Director to oversee administrative services for the agency, as well as the supervision of the Services Units.  This position represents the Deputy Director in a variety of ways and acts as the person in charge in the Deputy Director’s absence.  Coordinates and supervises the County’s child welfare social work programs. Work involves ensuring the proper administration of multiple programs, ensuring compliance with applicable Federal, State, and local laws, rules, and regulations, monitoring program expenditures, surveying and developing programs, coordinating with outside community agencies for the provision of assistance and services, and interpreting policies and procedures. Work is performed under the general direction of the Consolidated Human Services Deputy Director – Social Services and is evaluated by the review of records, reports, discussions, client feedback, observation, and overall quality of work. Continuous supervision is exercised over assigned social work units.
  • Plans with unit supervisors to ensure delivery of services, allocation of staff and other resources, coordinates with other divisions in the agency and organizations within the community; assists with agency planning process as member of management team; serves on State and regional committees to provide input on developing new policies and procedures.
  • Confers with unit supervisors on issues that impact on program goals, objectives, policies, and the delivery of services; recommends changes in organization, work flow, and new programs to agency Deputy Director; delegates daily operational issues to program supervisors.
  • Recommends budgetary needs for services programs based on input from unit supervisors and analysis of reports and information; may assist in explaining to local boards; and monitors expenditures.
  • Ensures that supervisors provide necessary on-the-job training and arranges for training by State staff and other professionals; provides orientation to new employees; assesses training process and makes necessary modifications.
  • Ensures compliance with county, state, and federal laws, regulations and policies as well as professional ethics through discussions with supervisors and staff, community professionals, and State officials.
  • Reviews quality and quantity of work by analyzing information gathered in conferences with supervisors and staff and review of case records, reports, and statistical data.
  • Confers with unit supervisors regarding initial disciplinary actions, makes recommendations on written warnings and dismissals to administration.
  • Participates in the selection of new employees; recommends hiring of supervisors.
  • Evaluates performance of supervisors through written and verbal appraisals.
  • Resolves conflicts between customer complaints and program satisfaction and compliance; interprets and explains functions of agency programs to customers and others including community agencies.
  • Serves as back-up and consultant to on-call supervisors for all after-hours activity.
  • Any other duty as necessary, including assisting with any public health emergency including but not limited to natural disasters, man-made disasters, influenza pandemics (e.g. H1N1) or other outbreaks of communicable diseases, disaster surveillance and response, to ensure the efficiency of the Health Department.
  • Performs related duties as required.
Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
  • Thorough knowledge of County and department policies and procedures.
  • Thorough knowledge of the principles and techniques of public administration, including personnel administration, budgeting, and office management.
  • Thorough knowledge of social and economic factors in the community, and local agencies and resources.
  • Thorough knowledge of applicable local, Federal, and State laws, rules, and regulations.
  • Thorough knowledge of methods and principles of casework supervision and training.
  • Thorough knowledge of social work principles, techniques, and practices and applications to casework and community problems.
  • Thorough knowledge in operating standard office equipment and associated software (e.g., TimeForce, Compass, OLV, etc.)
  • Thorough knowledge in preparing reports and other types of correspondence.
  • Skill in directing social workers and supervisors and related professionals engaged in a variety of services.
  • Ability to perform, organize, and prioritize work independently.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
  • Ability to organize work requirements to ensure timeliness of reports and other requirements.
  • Ability to plan, organize, assign, and supervise the work of staff and to train and instruct subordinates.
  • Ability to analyze facts and to exercise sound judgment in arriving at conclusions.
  • Ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Ability to articulate program policies accurately and professionally even in adverse situations.
  • Ability to work under pressure within strict time frames.
  • Ability to work professionally with difficult people, unpleasant subject matters, and with high conflict situations.
  • Ability to establish and maintain working relationships with clients, associates, elected officials, attorneys, physicians, community organizations, consultants, vendors, government officials, and the general public.
Education & Experience Master's degree from a college or university with a degree in human services, social work or related field and four years of social work or counseling experience, two of which were in a supervisory role; or an equivalent combination of training and experience. Special Requirements Completion of NC CPS Pre-Service, Placement, and Adoption training upon hire. Complete NC Child Welfare Supervisors training within one year of hire. Complete CPS Pre-Service training within six months of hire. Complete the Child Welfare first year mandatory training within one year of hire. Valid North Carolina driver’s license.  
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